About Blue Caboose Studio

Blue Caboose Studio is owned and operated by artist Chris Anderson.
Self-portrait wearing a hat.

About Me

I studied photography at San Jose State University before transferring to East Carolina University to finish up my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art degree. I grew up in Redwood City, California and spent three years in Greenville, North Carolina before moving back to California. In addition to my work with Blue Caboose Studio I’ve been a professional cashier, baker, auditor, broadcast television technician, engraver, salesperson, and customer service representative.

My work has mostly been in the mediums of photography, woodworking, and woodburning.

I have also designed a few websites, including this one. I designed my parents’ dog training website ddsdogtraining.com, as well as the Pineapple Service website pineappleservice.net. I don’t currently offer web design as a service, but I do enjoy it as a hobby.

About Blue Caboose Studio

The first iteration of Blue Caboose Studio was called Dreamboat Photography. This was back when I was still learning to shoot, and hadn’t started working in many other mediums. Many of the photos I took I sold on return address labels. Custom return address labels were much less prevalent in the 2000s than they are today, and I sold quite a few. When Jenn Zolzer and I founded Blue Caboose in 2010 we chose a name that reflected the variety of mediums we worked in, which included ceramics, painting, photography, pyrography, and woodworking. We began as a North Carolina company but I now operate the business myself in California.


I make as much of my work myself as possible. For example, I turn the pendant blanks for my custom woodburned pendants on a lathe, and hand rub the oil finish. All of my woodburnings are drawn by hand.


Most of my work is custom and one of a kind. Every time I start a project I set out to make the best thing I’ve ever made. I don’t like making the same thing twice!


I care a great deal about attention to detail. Beyond composition and likeness to the original subject, detail is what makes a work of art last.

Recent Blog Posts

Woodburned Keychain of Lennon the Golden Retriever

My latest woodburning is of Lennon, a golden retriever puppy. It's on a hard maple keychain that is about 1-1/4" in diameter, so it's probably smaller in real life than it appears on your screen. The wood is finished with lacquer for extra durability. [gallery...

Woodburning of Moose the Labrador Retriever

This woodburning is of Moose the Labrador retriever. I made it on an 11x16" basswood plaque, which makes it the largest woodburning I've attempted so far. It took me about 60 hours to complete over a period of 5 weeks. One of the reasons it took so long was the I...

First Clip-On Earrings

I recently finished making my first pair of clip-on earrings, something I was asked to do and otherwise may never have thought to try. The client showed me as an example a pair of earrings with a stone cabochon attached to a large disc. It was requested that I make...

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to contact me about custom work. Send me an email at [email protected], or use the contact form on this site. I welcome all questions and comments.

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